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Neighbours from hell Review
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  • Gameplay

We almost know this serial of game Neighbours From Hell, this is a famous game on PC in more than 10 years ago. But after new very long time we don’t see any kind of this game in the market, then now we have this clone game on mobile. In fact, clone a famous PC game to mobile will be a best idea in this time. Because mobile game development are run out of idea and and mini PC games wasn’t a good choice for gamer. However clone a famous game from PC to mobile couldn’t be easy because we always compare this mobile game with PC version. So, let take a look on Neighbours From Hell now

Graphic – We can see a PC game here

When you just open this mobile game, we will see exactly same graphic with PC version even from: Splash, Menu, Font, Background… Until we start a episode we will see a bit difference with a view in mobile version will a bit closer than PC game but all other thing are same. Although this mobile game keep all graphic of PC version but it is a game in more than 10 years ago so, the graphic wasn’t good enough for current gamer.

Neighbours From Hell

Sound and Music – Just same

Just like graphic, sound and music in this mobile game is mostly same with PC version. All of music from Main Menu to background music in gameplay are exactly same with PC version. And also for effect sound. So, it will have some problem just like graphic, this music is for people in more than 10 years ago so it will have a bit “backward” for current player

Gameplay and control

As a clone game, so we will see mobile version of this game already keep all of the best gameplay. In mobile, we have almost same gameplay with PC, just have some point that limit by device like:

  • View on each episode will closer than PC version so, we will get a bit harder to control when we need to slide more than PC version to see all the house. It will affect a bit to play
  • We have a bit difference with PC version in the way to control since in PC version, when we move the cursor to a point that can use some tool or get some thing from there we will see a hand but in mobile version we won’t have it

Besides, in gameplay they had change the reward for continuous tricks. We will easy to get the “Golden statue” just by 2 continuous trick. So, in each episode we can get more than 1 golden statue. I don’t think it is a better idea, it will make the game much more easier

Other points: Free version of this mobile game just give you 2 episode to play, if you want to play more, you should pay $1.5 more to unlock all of other episode

If you already play this game in PC the with the new mobile version it will bring you back to about 15 years ago and let you live in your memories with this very funny game. But if you expect more in this game, you will disappointed because we won’t have any new features in this mobile game, just fully same with PC. Anyways, I think this game won’t be the best mobile game but you should try this because it a good game for relax, and give us many fun times to play.


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